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About Aiida Owner


The Clutterbugs, Inc. was officially launched in 1999 by founder and owner, Aiida.


As a child, Aiida lived most of her young life in private boarding schools in Montreaux and Lausanne, Switzerland. After graduating from college she worked with The United Nations Development Program for East African Immigrants and later for several years with her father, a merchant where she developed most of her strong business background. 


Aiida realized that her passion and deep love for her interesting and very adventurous life was working one on one directly with people from all phases of life.  She slowly started practicing her passion in organizing and staging homes first with her family and friends and soon after she decided to follow her passion by launching her self created company The Clutterbugs, Inc.  Her passion became her dream where she stated to help the elderly by helping them transition to retirement/senior homes, helped with couples having relationship difficulties because of the conditions they lived in, with people suffering from ADHD or OCD and also with teenagers and children teaching them an easy way to keep their rooms organized at all times.  Aiida started helping people by making them feel less overwhelmed with life in general by directing them on how to downsize and stay organized.  


Aiida always made sure she practiced what she preached and always kept her home immaculate and extremely organized and made sure the rest of the family including her grown children practiced the same.   


Through The Clutterbugs, Inc. Aiida continues to fulfill her passion for helping others. With her hard work and dedication, her company has flourished into a company of excellence with unparalleled services. As a result of her company’s commitment to her customers by providing exceptional services, Aiida and her staff have been sought after by star athletes, celebrities and dignified professionals. 


When it comes to creating aesthetically picture perfect homes, Aiida is on the top list of “Perfect Home Stagers”. She has helped numerous clients prepare their homes for sale, by decluttering to organizing and staging homes. The Clutterbugs also takes pride in their exceptional house and business cleaning services.

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