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  • Is this just about throwing things away?
    No it is not about throwing things away, it's about letting go of clutter and enjoying the space and clutter free areas of your home. Almost all of us have too much “stuff” and many items that no longer serve a purpose in our lives can bury what is important. We will itemize all your items accordingly.
  • Where do I start?
    When you decide it’s time to organize, start with the area that makes you less anxious, and then prioritize the other areas in order of importance to you. This will give you a better perspective on everything that needs to be done without becoming overwhelmed. However, if you have multiple rooms to tackle, I will suggest that you start with the smaller room with less to tackle then go to the larger areas. I usually start from the right and then work my self all the way around the room. Make sure you have a donation box or bag handy.
  • Do I need to be present while you do the work?
    To make the decluttering and organizing process more efficient, we prefer that everything is done with your presence and input so that your decision can help us to itemize and organize everything accordingly. Your presence will help in deciding what needs to stay and what needs to be donated or thrown away. With the staging, we can make your home your haven with or without your presence as that is our forte. When we house clean your home, when you come home all you are going to say is "Waaw"!!
  • How is the price of these services decided?
    For all our services we initially come to your home/business and give you a complete estimate. Depending on the job, we can offer you two options, either by the entire job fee package or by the hourly rate fee. Our service fees vary by each job. We can not give any price quotes for any of our services over the phone so that we do not over or under quote you.
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